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فريق Uturn الشبابي يجري مقابلات للانضمام للبرنامج التدريبي (Yes, you can)

نفذ منتدى رواد الشبابي أحد برامج جمعية الوداد للتأهيل المجتمعي من خلال فريق Uturn الشبابي مقابلات للانضمام للبرنامج التدريبي (Yes, you can) والذي تم الإعلان عنه سابقاً. حيث تمت المقابلة بحضور منتدى رواد الشبابي وإدارة فريق Uturn الشبابي. حيث تم اختيار الأسماء بناءاً على أسس ومعايير تم وضعها من خلال منتدى رواد الشابي للاستفادة من […]

WSCR received a delegation of Palestine families community

WSCR received a delegation from Palestine families community on Sunday morning presented by Mr.Awad Qandeel, the Community Leader, Mr.Ramiz Al-Zahar, the Community General Coordinator, and Mr.Mohammed Saleem, the community member, along with a group of the mukhtars and prominent. Dr.Marwan Ajour along with the departments’ chiefs received the delegation at the society. Dr.Ajour briefed the […]

An informational meeting with Uturn team members to discuss the mechanisms of the implementation of the training program “yes you can “

Rwad Youth Forum that is dependent to WSCR, and by Uturn Team holds a consultative meeting with the team members, to discuss the mechanisms of implementation of the training program and selection of the candidates for the program. This meeting was held at WSCR IN Gaza. The training program ” yes you can ” includes […]

Concluding the activities of the Youth training camp “on the path of success “

Rwad Youth Forum, one of the WSCR programs, in collaboration with Sand Youth Team, concluded the activities of the training camp “On the path of excellence”. This training camp lasted for three training days, which included training the participants on the preparation of the achievement file, the mechanisms of the Scientific Research, mental and intellectual […]

The administration of WSCR holds a meeting with women support and rehabilitation ,which is one of its programs , for discussion of the initiatives and the mechanism of implementation

WSCR administration, represented by Dr.Marwan Ajour, held a meeting with Mr.Ahmed El-Mugari, Palestinian Women Support, and Rehabilitation Program Officer, along with the members of Counseling and Psychological Support Unit of the program, on Thursday, 17th 1 2019. The meeting was held for discussion of a series of the program initiatives, searching for the mechanisms of […]

The psychological support and counselling unit at WSCR implements an entertaining activity for university students in Gaza.

Among the activities of Palestinian Family Support and Rehabilitation Program, through Counseling and Psychological Support Unit at WSCR, the psychologist Hadeel Espetah, along with the Psychological Support and Counseling Team, implemented a training meeting for the Palestinian university students at the Gaza Strip. The meeting was held on Monday 21th 1 2019, which included activities […]

WSCR and Theatre Palestine Team signed memorandum of understanding

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation represented with the Chairman of the Management Board, Dr.Marwn Ajour, signs on a joint cooperation agreement with Theatre Palestine Team represented with the managing director, Mr.Omal Al-Ra’ai and the art director, Mr.Isam Shahin. The signing witnessed the presence of the representatives from the two parties. They agreed that Theatre Palestine […]

Rwad Youth Forum that is dependent for El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation, launches the activities of the training camp for Sanad Youth Team.

The activities of the training camp are launched today 20th 1 2019. Sanad Youth Team, one of the youth teams that are dependent for Rwad Youth Forum at WSCR, implements this training camp. This camp, which includes 25 students from all over Gaza Strip, lasts for three days.The first day will include the achievement file […]

WSCR receives a delegation from Rwad Program for Development and Training

WSCR received a delegation from Rwad Program for Development and Training, represented with Dr.Waleed al-Qedwa and his vice president, Dr.Mazen abo-Maraq. In addition to a delegation from the Gaza Municipality The chairman of the Management Board, Dr.Marwan Ajour, along with the chiefs of the departments at WSCR received the delegation. Dr.Marwan Ajour, by his position, expressed […]