WSCR Holds a Workshop on “Determining the Needs and Priorities of Working Children”

Within the framework of the Women and Children’s Support and Rehabilitation Program, WRSC held a workshop entitled “Determining the Needs and Priorities of Working Children” in the presence ofthe boardChairman of Directors Dr. Naim Al-Ghalban, WRSC counsellorDr. Kamal Abu-Qamar and a representative of Islamic Relief, as well as working children and their mothers..

Professor Ibrahim Altoum, the coordinator of the program of support and rehabilitation of women, presented the experience of the Association over the past years in its targeting of the category of north, east and west of Gaza, pointing out the importance of determining the needs for the advancement of our children for their care and protection..

As for Dr. Naeem Al-Ghalban, he emphasized the need for taking in considerationthe category of working children as a priority, furthermore, to workin order to meet their needs in the sake of promoting them in the community and protect them from homelessness, calling on parents to take care of their children and not to waste their future by .putting them in the streets to work

It is worth mentioning that WRSC is about to invite official institutions to conduct workshops to exchange experiences and knowledge about the nature of the intervention necessary to set the priorities of those working children for 2018.