Psychosocial Support and counseling Unit in El-Wedad Society carries out an activity entitled:” For You”


Within the activities of the International Women’s Day, the psychosocial support and counseling unit organized an activity entitled ” For You”. This activity aimedat promoting the women’s right of expressing their views and supporting their rights in the society.

For instance, a group of trainees, female university students, participated in the activityby expressing their opinions and ideas that support women’s rights by writing mural phrases that reinforce the role and rights of women in the society.

In his turn, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Tom, the coordinator of the Women and Children Program at El-Wedad Association stressed on the importance of the woman’s role in the society and that she is one of its pillars of success adding that her role should not be limited to neithertime nor place.

It is worth mentioning that the psychological and counseling unit of the association organizes several events specialized for women and children in the framework of its continuous support to the society.