El-Wedad Society and the Arab College sign a joint memorandum of understanding

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab College for Applied Sciences to implement an initiative on forming a student body within the college campus. This activity comes within the activities related to the “Providing a Safe Environment for Youth in The Gaza Strip” project funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

The agreement includes training to the students on decisions making within the university, as well as building an .administrative body to form the initiative idea

The students welcomed the initiative confirming that it linked between the students and the university administration and helped in lifting the barriers between them and knowing the administrative body ‘s way of thinking within the university. Also, they expressed their happiness to form an administrative body bearing the concerns of students.

Mr. Saeed Rajab, who is the leader of the initiative, stressed that it aims at building bridges of cooperation between the students and the educational institution in order to raise awareness among students about how to deal with the university administration and to create a sense of collaboration between the students and the administrative body.

It is worth mentioning that El-Wedad Society, through the Youth Club, organizes several initiatives to raise awareness in the Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip.