El-Wedad in cooperation with the University College organizes an open day for the occasion of International Children’s Day

As part of the International Children’s Day and World Orphan Day  ,El-Wedad society for Community Rehabilitation, in cooperation with the University College of Applied Sciences, organized an open day during the 18th Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education, entitled “A Smile That Doesn’t Vanish”. The event was implemented in the presence of a large number of children participating from Nour Al- Marifa association, Al-Zaitoon school, and Al- Basma model Kindergarten.

      The festival, which was hold on the University College, had various recreational activities, individual and group games, and puppet theater which aimed at conveying educational messages to promote the children’s positive behaviors.

      Ms. Hadeel Sbita, Head of the Counseling and Psychosocial Support Unit at El-Wedad Society, stressed the need for continuous implementation of children’s activities aiming to support the rights of the Palestinian children and provide them with a friendly environment and a decent and secure life.

      It is worth mentioning that the Counseling and Psychological Support Unit at El-Wedad performs several psychological and community activities for different groups in the society, especially children, in order to reduce their psychological and social problems.