“El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation organized the initiative “Promoting the right of persons with disabilities to participate in sports”

In collaboration with Deir Al Balah Association for  the handicapped Rehabilitation, El-Wedad Society organized an  initiative entitled “Promoting the Right of the handicapped to Participate in Sports”.

This is considered as a paradigm shift in the promotion of the handicapped rights in which a basketball match was held between two teams of them as a kind of motivation and a good start to activate such kind of activities. A memorandum of understanding was signed between El-Wedad and Deir Al Balah Association to support the participation of the handicapped in athletic activities, to build relations with the associations and institutions concerned about those people, and to empower them preserving the rights of this significant part of the society.

This initiative is part of ” Providing Youth with a Safe Environment in The Gaza Strip” program, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

El-Wedad Society, in partnership with the Second Huda School, implements the initiative to encourage volunteerism


      El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation, in partnership with Al Huda Secondary School for Girls in Al Sheikh Radwan Region, carried out an initiative for encouraging volunteering. It was part of the ” Providing a Safe Environment for Youth in the Gaza Strip” project, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

The aim of this initiative is to instill the spirit of volunteering and the concepts of citizenship among the female students by planting part of the school and preserving the seedlings provided by the Ministry of Agriculture for the initiative. It is worth mentioning that El-Wedad Society, through the Youth Club organizes several initiatives in the Gaza Strip to raise awareness among the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip.

El-Wedad and the Arab College are implementing an initiative entitled “Forming a Student Management Authority in the Arab College”

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation, in partnership with the Arab College for Applied Sciences, implemented an initiative entitled “Forming a Student  Administrative body at the Arab College of Applied Sciences. This activity came within “Providing a Safe Environment for Youth” program which is funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

An athletic activity which was a challenging match between El-Wedad Society and the Arab College was launched within the framework of the initiative activities. This activity was culminated by the victory of Al Wedad team over the Arab College team.

In a beautiful gesture, the members of El-Wedad Society team presented the Victory Cup for the Arab College appreciating its role in sponsoring the initiative and the cooperation between the university and the association. This activity aims at opening cultural and social and doors to form the administrative body  to carry out its tasks and .functions in the college