WSCR receives Ministry of Youth and Sport Deputy Minister at its site in the Gaza Strip

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation receives today on Tuesday morning 11th Feb. 2019 a high-level delegation of Ministry of Youth & Sport, represented by Deputy Minister, Mr .Ahmed Muhaisen along with his accompanying delegation. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr.Marwan Ajour, the legal advisor, Dr.Salah Jarwan, and the chiefs of the departments, receive the delegation. .Dr.Ajour welcomed the Ministry personnel, speaking highly about its rule in fulfilling the needs of the Palestinian youth.Also; He briefed the delegation on the most important activities and programs WSCR implements to youth, specifically those by Rwad Youth Forum, one of WSCR programs. Encompassing also services WSCR grants for the various segments of the community such as women, children, and persons with disabilities. Deputy Minister, Dr.Jamal Muhaisen, by his position, expressed his high gratitude on this visit, for it has a deep impact in the process of networking and collaboration between the two parties in the field of Palestinian Youth Support specifically.He also invited WSCR to be part of the committee, which will come to set the ministry’s strategy for the upcoming years, headed by Deputy Minister, Mr.Muhaisen. By the conclusion of the visit, the Ministry’s personnel honored Dr.Ajour along with WSCR staff, since it has a long entrepreneurial path in serving the Palestinian youth. The former also invited WSCR on a visit to Ministry site, as a means of discussing the ways of joint cooperation between the two parties.

Rwad Youth Forum launches the training program (Yes, you can)

wad Youth Forum, through U-turn youth team, launched the training program (Yes, you can), within entertaining and recognizing period with the participants.The meeting started, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Marwan Ajour and the administration of Rwad Youth Forum.
The training program chooses 31 students, concentrating on many elementary aspects that the university student needs to build up his capabilities.Also, improving the skills that make him able to join Labor Market.



WSCR receives a delegation from ICRC and another from the School of Swimming and Sea Rescue.

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation receives visiting delegations on Sunday 3 Feb. 2018 at its site in the Gaza Strip.
WSCR received the delegation of rehabilitation programs of the Red Cross, represented by Mr. Ahmed Mousa. Also, a delegation from the school of the swim, diving, and Marine salvage, represented by each of Mr. Khaled El-Barsh, Mr. Mohamed Safi, Miss. Manar El-Shareef, and Youth Committee Coordinator, engineer Rami Aman.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Marwan Ajour along with the chiefs of the departments received the delegations.
Dr. Ajour briefed the delegation about the working system inside the society and the programs that provide for the Palestinian Youth. Both parties discussed also the necessity of coordination for holding joint programs and projects serve the Palestinian Youth in the sports fields, specified for the disables.
The delegations, by its side, expressed their pleasure of visiting WSCR since its provided programs that serve the segments of the Palestinian Community.
Eventually, Dr.Ajour briefed the delegations about the working system inside the society through inspection round for its departments and the WSCR cultural theater



WSCR receives a delegation from Ajour household at the Gaza Strip

WSCR receives a delegation from Ajour household at the Gaza Strip to express their congrats for Dr.Maran Ajour as he becomes the Chairman of the Board of Directors.




WSCR received a delegation of Palestine families community

WSCR received a delegation from Palestine families community on Sunday morning presented by Mr.Awad Qandeel, the Community Leader, Mr.Ramiz Al-Zahar, the Community General Coordinator, and Mr.Mohammed Saleem, the community member, along with a group of the mukhtars and prominent. Dr.Marwan Ajour along with the departments’ chiefs received the delegation at the society.
Dr.Ajour briefed the delegation about the activities and programmes of the society and its services to the various segments of the society specifically older people through the economic and social support programme to the Palestinian family. By his position, the delegation expressed their pleasure with the visit for its great efforts on the relationship between the society and Palestine families community. In addition to building up joint relationships and activities between the two parties.
Eventually, Dr.Marwan Ajour closely briefs the activities of the society for the delegation, by an inspection tour for the society departments and its cultural theatre. It is worth mentioning that WSCR receives many visiting delegations after the recent elections of the Management Board.

Molhimoon YouthTeam conducts interviews to attract new members

Many of the meetings were conducted by Molhimoon YouthTeam, one of the teams which is dependent for Rwad Youth Forum to attract new members, in the presence of the youth teams leader, Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghalban, and Molhimoon team leader, Mr. Mohamed Al-Hoby.


An informational meeting with Uturn team members to discuss the mechanisms of the implementation of the training program “yes you can “

Rwad Youth Forum that is dependent to WSCR, and by Uturn Team holds a consultative meeting with the team members, to discuss the mechanisms of implementation of the training program and selection of the candidates for the program. This meeting was held at WSCR IN Gaza.

The training program ” yes you can ” includes a series of training meetings, which aim at improving the youth skills and preparing them for the practical life and Labor Market. This is achieved by the provision of those with a series of practical skills and acknowledgment that they need after the theoretical typical studying at the university.
The programme includes the following topics:
-Preparing leaders.
-Writing CV.
-Body language.
-Time management.
-Writing initiatives.


Concluding the activities of the Youth training camp “on the path of success “

Rwad Youth Forum, one of the WSCR programs, in collaboration with Sand Youth Team, concluded the activities of the training camp “On the path of excellence”. This training camp lasted for three training days, which included training the participants on the preparation of the achievement file, the mechanisms of the Scientific Research, mental and intellectual maps, and choosing the university major.
The camp targeted the students of eleventh and twelfth grades, which involved 25 participants from all over the Gaza Strip.
In the end, the certificates were distributed among the participants, in the presence of the Chairman of the Management Council, Dr. Marwan Ajour, the executive manager, Dr.Salah Jarwan, and the chief of Rwad Youth Forum, Ms.Raeda Suqar. The administration members expressed their appreciation of this honor that etched an impact within the Palestinian student in his educational carrier.


The administration of WSCR holds a meeting with women support and rehabilitation ,which is one of its programs , for discussion of the initiatives and the mechanism of implementation

WSCR administration, represented by Dr.Marwan Ajour, held a meeting with Mr.Ahmed El-Mugari, Palestinian Women Support, and Rehabilitation Program Officer, along with the members of Counseling and Psychological Support Unit of the program, on Thursday, 17th 1 2019. The meeting was held for discussion of a series of the program initiatives, searching for the mechanisms of implementation of these initiatives. Also improvement of these initiatives by integrating it with Rwad Youth Forum, which is in charge of the society, by holding a meeting by the next week to achieve the desired results with the responsible team.


The psychological support and counselling unit at WSCR implements an entertaining activity for university students in Gaza.

Among the activities of Palestinian Family Support and Rehabilitation Program, through Counseling and Psychological Support Unit at WSCR, the psychologist Hadeel Espetah, along with the Psychological Support and Counseling Team, implemented a training meeting for the Palestinian university students at the Gaza Strip. The meeting was held on Monday 21th 1 2019, which included activities of counseling and psychological support such as relaxation, emotional decompression, discussion for many points, relaxation, and implementation of the entertaining activities for female students.
The goal of the activity is to break the ice for the targeted group through the program training activities.
Eventually, the participants expressed their pleasant and benefiting from this activity.