WSCR receives a delegations from Gaza University and Al-Naserah Center for Culture and Development

WSCR received academic delegations and dignitaries at the Gaza Strip. This was in the round of coordination and networking, held by WSCR with the international and national institutions. WSCR received an academic delegation from Gaza Strip, headed by Dr.Iyad Sidum and a delegation from Al-Naserah Center for Culture, and Development, represented with Muktar Ramzi Hamouda, the general manager for the center, engineer Ahmed El-Biari, Muktar Saif El-Din abo Ramadan, Muktar Muneer El-Masri and Muktar of Kocba village Hajj Abo-Rami abdelhadi. Dr.Marwan Ajour, the chairman of the management Boards, along with the chiefs of departments at the society. Each of WSCR the visiting societies discussed the ways of the joint collaboration between WSCR and the visiting societies to raise the quality of work and implementing joint activities between the two parties. Dr.Marwan Ajour, by his position, expressed his happiness the visit, for its important effect on the society and the working within it .Dr. Ajour spoke highly about the role of the institutions in supporting WSCR and its entrepreneul role in the community. It is worth to be mentioned that WSCR makes efforts to make international and national relations, to enhance its enterpreneal role in serving society and improving the community toward the best.