WSCR in collaboration with Al-Aqsa University conducted an event, entitled I am still a child

WSCR in collaboration with Faculty of Media at Al-Aqsa University conducted awareness- raising meeting, entitled (I am still a child). This meeting aims at talking about early marriage and its psychological effects on the individual, family, and community, in the presence of Dr.Marwan Ajour, the lecturer at the media department at Al-Aqsa University, Dr.Ahmed Hammad, and the lawyer of Department of Women’s Affairs, Ms. Suha Al-Shobaky, and a group of public relations course at the university.
Dr.Ajour confirmed at his speech the necessity of the joint cooperation between WSCR and the working institutions at the Gaza Strip. He spoke highly to the role of Al-Aqsa University in holding such these meetings, which enhance the state of awareness for the students about communities issues.
Dr.Ajour confirmed that WSCR makes efforts to support women, children, and youth, in addition to trying to join them at the society, through the various programs the society works on at the Gaza Strip.
At the conclusion of his speech, Dr.Ajour affirmed that the society strives to contribute in changing the prevailing concept about the early marriage and raising people’s awareness about this issue.
Dr.Ahmed Hammad, the lecturer at the Faculty of Media at Al-Aqsa University, spots the light over the most common negative effects of early marriage such as depriving the girls from their minimum rights, like completing her education. Hence, Dr.Hammad called upon setting goals and providing community’s support, and achieving gender equality.
Dr.Hammad spoke highly to WSCR’s role in supporting the important community’s issues, for the development of the society.
It’s worth mentioning that WSCR and Al-Aqsa University lately held many joint activities to enhance the spirit of cooperation between the society and the working institutions at the Gaza Strip.