Art gallery of amateur painters

The WSCR will host an exhibition of amateur painters at the beginning of 2019, which will include a collection of drawings with high values ​​and principles. The exhibition is dedicated to young amateurs who have not had the opportunity to participate in previous exhibitions and have a talent and artistic inventory.

Contest Terms
1. The graphics should be new and not displayed in any other gallery.
2. Graphics should be compatible with Palestinian public culture, customs and traditions.
3. These paintings shall be for the same person as the participant, and the responsibility shall be borne by whoever displays the paintings that are not his.
4. The exhibition allows the possibility of selling paintings according to prices determined by artists so that the artist gets 80% of the amount of painting
And 20% for the WAC. This percentage (20%) is used for the purchase of plates for WAC.
5. The exhibition will be executed at the beginning of January 2019.
6. The paintings before being exhibited in the exhibition will be presented to a committee of artists to suit the level of the exhibition.
7. Preparation period for the drawings for the exhibition is 4 months.
8. The cost of drawing of colors, leaves, fabrics, brushes and others is the responsibility of the participants.
9. Wedad is not responsible for any special expenses of the exhibition that the participant pays for the exhibition.

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